Sunday, March 13, 2011

How I love my ketchup!

How much I love tomato sauce?!!! ...... see for yourself! I'd rather just eat the sauce than the food that goes with it, anytime, all the time!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mummy's entry - my little cili padi!

It's been a long while for any updates on this little cili padi of bad. If there is only one thing I would want to update on her now, that would be her fiesty character. She always entertains us, be it good or bad.

Oh, she loves chatting and chat she will to us even though her pronounciation is not that all clear. She also loves singing and will entertain herself (and us) in the car or be it late into the nights when she refuses to sleep.

Now that she can communicate well to us, this little girl is one very hard headed girl and has been nicknamed by her maternal grandpa "Ah Ngau". When she wants her way, she wants her way. Most of the times, it is always me that do not give in to her and she will even answer me or hit me back! Even when she knows I'm mad at her, she will go "hmmph!" or "No!" just to dare me back or to have the very last say.

She's smart in comparing things with her sister and lately when I tell her NO to something she wants, she will go "Why cher-cher can and I cannot?!". She wants everything her sister wants and will show her tantrum if she doesn't get it. When we happened to scold her sister, she will tell her sister "Very good!" (We're assuming she learns it from the daycare)

When she's not up to her tricks, she can be the sweetest angel around and she loves helping us out especially to her papa when he's fixing things around the house. She seems to have an interest in fixing things (unlike her sister).

She is very independent and insist in going to the toilet by herself whether it is pee or poo. Only for poo, she would tell us that she is done and we would have to help her wash her bum. She also insist to eat on her own (but I will insist to feed her as I do not want her to make a mess) and will complaint on why her sister could feed herself and that she was not able to.

Lately, her latest fascination is to tell us stories about an elephant. God knows where she got this idea from but it is always this elephant doing this or is a video clip of her telling me one of her elephant stories. In this, she is also singing "twinkle, twinkle traffic light" song, a song the daycare picked up from Rye Li's kindy and taught the other kids at the daycare to sing and Haye Li loves this song. It goes "Twinkle, twinkle traffic lights, Standing at the corner bright, When it's red, it's time to stop, When it's green, it's time to go"

Friday, January 21, 2011

My 2nd birthday celebrations

*a backdated post*

We celebrated my 2nd birthday last October days earlier because mummy had a work trip that weekend and also since my birthday fell on a Saturday and Aunty Ng would not be opened, we decided to have it on a weekday instead.

I got to help out with the party packs that were to be distributed to my friends at the daycare. Mummy got all the goodies and all and my cher-cher and I got to help out packing them into the paper bags.

the goodies before packing into the paper bags

the huge task that needs to be done, packing for 30+ kids at daycare

the goodies in the bag

That Tuesday, I didn't go to Aunty Ng's till later in the afternoon as I got to follow mummy and papa do some errands in the morning before collecting my birthday cake.

my birthday cake, minnie mouse, like me. :)

We went to Aunty Ng's late afternoon to have my birthday cake as well as to distribute the party packs to my friends.

reading books with my friends while waiting for the cake and all to be prepared

i also got to do some colouring work while waiting

my birthday cake with the no. 2 candle

before the birthday song was sung, aunty ng gave me my present but I didn't want it so my cher-cher took it for me

"why do i have to stand here?!!!!" - i was not in a good mood at all and hence, was not cooperating

the others, including my cousin, Shane were more excited than I am

i refused to blow my candle and so my cher-cher did it for me

and she also cut my cake for me

and distributed my party packs for me....thank goodness for cher-chers like her!

but I got to eat my cake! :D

We left Aunty Ng's after that for 1 Utama to just chill out and have fun with my birthday celebrations. I was much happier there as I got to ride the children rides for the very first time. We are usually deprived from such fun as when we are in the malls, we are always rushing for errands so a happy girl I was on that day.

blur look coz i was getting use to how to operate this thing

happy happy me!

i was happy on this until i noticed 'stuart' next to me and freaked me out totally! after this, i refused rides with 'things' next to me

i don't mind my cher-cher next to me as long as it is not those 'things'!

another round on Thomas since i get to operate this

After all that fun, we went for an early dinner at Delicious and it was super duper delicious! Especially our desserts (sorry no pics of our desserts)!
we had pasta and I insisted in feeding myself

my cher-cher's favourite, she can eat, sleep and poo spaghetti everyday!

see, i feed myself so carefully (this also coz my mom nags me ALL THE TIME to eat over the plate ever since i wanted to feed myself)

a happy girl!

After dinner, we walked over to Toys R Us but I got sleepy and had my nap since I did not take any naps earlier on. And while I was napping, my birthday present was bought, I got a toy story phone! It was funny how all 3 of us (papa, mummy and I) were on our phones after that and cher-cher was not happy.

me taking a nap!

When I got up from my nap, we went over to Chocolate for more desserts and ice cream before we headed home. My cher-cher was very happy as she is also a junk food princess that takes after my mom, the junk food queen who takes after my grandma, her all-time majesty, the junk food mother queen. :D

our fruits chocolate fondue - yummy but too much chocolate for us to finish it up

my cher-cher at the background had her ice cream

i only preferred the strawberries - i don't like too much of sweet stuff

We left for home after that and called it a day. On my actual birthday on that Saturday, I got to celebrate at my i-yee (mom's sis)'s house with my cousins, cher-cher and also with my maternal grandparents. They got me another birthday cake and sang to me. [sorry, all pics and videos were taken by my i-yee so cannot upload them here]

The next day, I got to celebrate it again with our family friend, Kai-Jin and his family at his grandparents' house. And I also got another birthday cake! :D [again no pics as they were all taken by Kai-Jin's family]. Not bad to have 3 birthday cakes at all different times with so many people singing to me. Too bad that I don't enjoy people singing to me though, not for now anyways! ;)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mummy's entry - How we nearly lost you!

There is always a first for Haye Li in many things in which we have never experienced with Rye Li. While I have yet to post many of the things she has done (and I blame it on time), this particular incident is the MOTHER of all her FIRSTs and a terrifying experience for us.

We lost her yesterday for more than 5 minutes. Actually, when we realized it, it was of course after 5 minutes and found her within a minute (which seems like forever to us then).

We were at Toys R Us and was somewhere in the middle of the store when we parted as a family. The girls were with their papa while I walked to the other side. Shortly after, Rye Li followed me and I assumed Haye Li was with her papa (there was a huge display in between us which blocked our view). I actually was sort of contemplating whether to inform hubby or not but I brushed it aside. A huge mistake on my side as after 5 minutes or so while browsing the store further, hubby came to us and went “Where’s mei-mei?”

I instantly replied “I thought she’s with you!”

Immediately, as on cue, hubby went to one direction and shouting “mei-mei” while I went opposite and traced back our steps screaming for her. I made sure Rye Li went with hubs.

My heart dropped big time while screaming for her in the store and of course at every aisle I looked, she wasn’t there. Flashes of stuff ran through my mind and even viewing the recordings on CCTV came to my mind (although I remembered one of the conversations I had with a client that “by the time you view recordings, it’s always too late!”)

Before I could even panic big time (was at the verge of crying already!), I approached near the entrance of the store and saw hubby carrying and hugging a very terrified crying toddler. It was a huge relief to see her and at the same time I went “Mummy was so scared already” and hubby went “It’s okay as long as she’s alright!” and soothed her from her sobbing. I think she has been crying for more than 5 minutes as she had to pause big time to breathe and cry.

She was with a staff at the time hubby found her and we think she also traced back her steps to the entrance of the store.

We are so glad that she’s alright and it was a huge lesson to both hubby and I. We now know better to ensure that both of us must be aware of the kids’ surroundings before we go our separate ways. We have only ourselves to be blamed yesterday!

Also, I took the opportunity (when she has calmed down later) that she has to always hold our hands and cannot wander off. We have tried to scare her before which worked but I think this is also a huge lesson for her to listen to us. Hopefully, she will also remember.

Gosh, I’m still shuddering at the thought that we could have lost her big time. Sorry baby for our negligence! I cannot imagine how I can forgive myself if I lost you this way. :(

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My first trip to Penang

My first trip to Penang was not how Mummy envisioned it to be. We had to visit Ah Kong whom was ill and within a month, we were there 3 times. Sad to say, my Ah Kong is no longer with us and you can read all about it from my sister's blog.

In the car, first time being on Penang bridge - we went up to visit Kong-Kong in the hospital. I was very well behaved during the journey to and from (other than the fact I refused to pee in my diapers so there were stops specially for me!)

At papa's friend's place, their first time meeting me and for me, the same too. This is Kai Ji

Papa was playing with Kai Ji and I got jealous so I plopped myself on him

I didn't even want to let him carry Kai Ji!

My che-che and Kai Ru, busy playing with their new found toys!

I was happily playing with the boys' papa that I laughed and laughed!

At the hospital visiting Kong-Kong during our first trip there

look at my cheeky face! playing with Ah Mai's (papa's sister) necklace

The below were taken during our second trip there (3 nights), this was after Kong-Kong's surgery

with Shane, our cousin - he loves to pose for the camera!

with Ah Mai and uncle Phil - looks like we're one happy family ya?!

che-che and I were busy playing with i-pad touch at the hospital - this trip we were not allowed to be on the bed with kong-kong

We went to visit the place where kong-kong was brought up

This trip, we stayed 2 nights at Gurney hotel so us kids could have some fun!

uncle phil lifting my che-che

and i wanted the same!

when we checked into the room, my che-che and i were checking out the view from our bathtub!

we went swimming and i was so happy!

my che-che glued on to ah mai like a koala bear

see how brave i was! i refused to let papa hold on to me! mummy was screaming away to papa to hold on to me as i'm pretty much an accident proned baby!

after a few attempts on the water slides with papa, i'm happier going down on my own!

i kept wanting to do this at the adult's pool!

after swimming in the pool, we get to play some more in the bath tub!

The hotel had some activities for kids and we joined in for the shell painting ones during one of the days while papa and the rest were at the hospital

we played on the artificial sand after that. what my sister did, i also want to follow!

The below were taken during our 3rd trip (nearly a week) there, for kong-kong's funeral

this is where i stayed put mostly as i was afraid of the dog that roams about the funeral parlour

the dog that i was scared of - he loves to have his naps here

this was what i also did to keep me occupied and to give the adults some free time

mocking around at the lobby of Gurney hotel while being checked in, we stayed there during the funeral as it is closer to the funeral parlour

i also try to pray while the rest are praying at nights

this was taken after the funeral was over at the crematorium

loving the plain porridge that was served!

with my second cousins from kong-kong's side

Rest in peace kong-kong!